How to make a screenshot in Windows

To take a screen shot on a Windows computer, you need to press the PrtSc button. If you are using a laptop with Windows OS, you need to press the key combination Fn + PrtSc

Your snapshot is now on the clipboard. to save it, you need to paste it into the edited document using  Ctrl + V keys or using the menu Edit> Past

If you need to save the screenshot as a graphic document, you need to open Paint and paste the image from the clipboard, and then save the file.

Start > Paint > Past > Save

To take a screen shot of automatically saving the image file, you need to use the keyboard shortcut

+ PrtScr


After that, the file will be saved in the Images> Screenshots folder (in Windows versions 8 and 10)

To create a screenshot of the active window, you need to use the key combination Alt + PrtScr then paste the file from the clipboard into the document.

If you need to take a picture of a specific area of ​​the screen, use the key combination. After Use the cursor to select the area you want to take for the screenshot.

+ Shift + S


Also in Windows there is a special program for capturing a screenshot Snipping Tool